The Only Truly Automatic Time Tracker

Deep Tech Product

Competitors Shiver

Competitors shiver - Klarity is the game changer! We'll be getting close to the system level with the powerful new programming language Rust to grab all the valuable data to work better for you. That part of the software will be open source so everybody can verify that there are no hidden backdoors. We collect a lot of data to make your life better but you have full control of what is sent out of your computer. Do not use hidden surveillance – it will only fuel the workers’ distrust. Be transparent. Be privacy-first.

Billable hrs go up

We're programmers here behind the Klarity so we are also working on our customers' projects and are just about half-time working on this fantastic product since February 2022. We're using now the demo version since November 2022 in our team and the billable hours have gone up by about ~15% and time spent on reporting, meetings and emails has gone down by almost half. We were using time trackers before, too but not automatic ones! We built this tool initially for ourselves. All the great products are built for their own usage!

Self growth

Gain max of your creative bursts with “Focus Sessions.” Know when and where you are most productive and get suggestions on when to start the “Focus Session.” Mute notifications and set automatically your status to “Focus Session” in the team chat.

Get more organised

Jira board again not up to date? Are managers not happy? The manual part of the app is controlled from the Jira, Trello or built-in project management Kanban board. So we force you to go back to your main project/task planning app every now and then which makes you actually more organised.