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Top 12 Time Trackers 2023

We will be comparing other automatic time trackers but also manual ones + project management softwares.

Timely Logo Timely - Say hello to automatic time tracking


A pretty new startup that has a nice looking modern UI and claims to automate the company time tracking. Actually, it will just tell you what apps you have been using and the names of the meetings you have in your calendar and then you will need to manually drag'n'drop those timeslots under the projects you are working on.

TimeBro Logo TimeBro - Automatically records all programs and displays your working day

Like Timely, in TimeBro you will need to tell what project did you work on once it has put all the apps you have used into a timeframe. They are pretty much the same and just because its UI/UX is not as good as Timeley's it is in the second position.

ActivTrak - Corporate hidden employee monitoring

TimeCamp Logo TimeCamp - Easy time and productivity tracking

Automatic and manual tracking mode.

Traqq Logo Traqq - Time Tracking App for Remote and On-site Teams

You need to click (ok just once) to start or stop tracking the time and then it will be same way like above two capturing what apps/programs you have been using.

ResqueTime Logo ResqueTime - Smart coaching throughout the day keeps you on track

Only 10% of people say they feel “in control” of how they spend their time. As one of the oldest and most powerful time management software, ResqueTime gives you great insight into where you spend your time and helps you to grow. We were using it a lot before we created Klarity. One minus of ResqueTime is that it is just covering the self-growth side but doesn't cover the time tracking per project/Task and reporting part.

Toggl Logo Toggl - Time tracking is good for business. But it’s also a dreaded chore.

As the name suggests - their main idea is one simple button to toggle start/stop the time tracking.  It is a very old Estonian product that came not much after TimeTracker to the market, so it also has a huge Worldwide userbase.

TimeDoctor Logo TimeDoctor - The oldest player in the market

Authors of Klarity have been using TimeDoctor since its early versions back in 2013. It used to be by far the most advanced and best time tracker out there for many years. Very recently they have for some reason made their unique and great desktop app always visible tracking "bar" way less functional. Probably concentrating on the average less experienced users.

WebWorkTracker Logo WebWorkTracker - Time Tracker with Screenshots

With the inspiration of TimeDoctor back in 2014, one of the co-founders of Klarity Kaspar L. Palgi decided to build a better TimeDoctor with his friend and partner Vahagn Sargsyan. The tool was rather built for a bigger software company in the need to monitor and fully control their employees and doesn't follow the privacy first and ethical aspects the Klarity and the above-mentioned tools do.

Bonsai Logo Bonsai - Minimalist time tracker that is part of a bigger freelancer toolkit

Invoicing, tons of proposals templates, contracts e-signing, clients CRM, and accounting to mention few of the functionality. The time tracker is rather a minimal and manual small piece of functionality of the whole suite. Bonsai is not integrating with other software but rather try to provide "all you need to run your freelance business."

Clockify Logo Clockify - Clockify Automatic Time Tracking

Absolutely not sure where the "automatic" comes into this app as it is just a web app where you need to open the URL and click start/stop manually. Probably, the functionality that generates reports is considered "automatic" but as it is automatic on all time trackers then… Anyway, although it is the most primitive one out of all of the mentioned ones here, it is brought out because it is also the only one that is free and open-source.

WorkComposer Logo WorkComposer - Work time & screenshot software

Classical old-school employee monitoring software that has old classical features like screenshots, URL / app usage, idle time, offline mode, attendance and manual tasks.

DeskTime Logo DeskTime - A time tracker with additional workforce management features

On top of manual time tracking, it also provides handy functionalities for bigger businesses with on-site workers. For example, Sixt car rental company is using them. The main functionality is the ability to automate team management by organising shifts and booking-related questions.

More coming soon… - Really old comparison list we're working on currently to bring here up to date

ActivTrak - Corporate Automated Employee Monitoring